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My family recently went on a trip to Los Angeles. While we were out there we made it a point to stop by the California ScienCenter. The Science Center is located near the Natural History Muesum and the lovely Rose Garden. The Science Center is free to enter, yes completely free to enter and explore, so awesome right! The Center is amazing, there was so much for my kids to explore and see. Also there at the Center is the Space Shuttle Endeavour. There is a charge to see the shuttle, $2 per person and children under 4 years are free. The charge is so worth it. The Endeavour Shuttle went on 25 missions into space before being brought to the Science Center in October of 2012. There is a command center set up where you can hear actual recordings of the real Rocketdyne Operations Support Center. You can ride a simulator for $5 a person to experience a ride in a shuttle, we opted out of this on this trip maybe the next time. In the actual area where the Space Shuttle is there is a SpaceHub, it’s like a big pop up room that the astronauts used as a lab and extra living space, and a rocket engine on display.

Just a peek at the Endeavour exhibit

Just a peek at the Endeavour exhibit

After seeing everything about the Shuttle, we explored the Science center. There was so much to see and do for my kids. They loved seeing the kelp forest and all the animals in it, especially the sharks. When you go upstairs and outside you can see the weight system that is used to create the waves for the kelp forest. Also there are some tanks where children are able to touch certain sea creatures. Nearby is the extreme exhibits where you experience deep water, the desert, and the poles (a mixture of north and south). The kids tried to make holes in the ice wall with their fingers and saw how fast a desert can flood during a storm. Also in the Center are Discovery Rooms for children 7 and under to visit that has many hands on items for them to play with, a craft to do with the help of a Science Center employee, and a special toddler area. This is just a summary of my family’s visit. We explored as much as we could and had a wonderful time. There was a few exhibits we didn’t make it to that are now on the top of our list for our next trip back there. The California ScienCenter is a great place for families on a budget to visit to enrich your children in science and learning. If you have the chance to go here I highly recommend it, you won’t be disappointed.

Adventure is out there!

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*For more information on the California ScienCenter visit *

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