Thank you!


I just wanted to say a quick thank you for following me and for the support. I am still getting the hang of blogging so please bear with me if the appearance and set up keep changing. I am trying to improve everything so that I put the best out there and that it is easy to follow. So for that I have created some links at the top of my posts that will take you to all posts that are similar. I’m trying this out so that you won’t have to search all over my blog for events that coincide. So here are my links that I have started and keep a look out on future posts for them or others.

  • Summer Reading and Education – This will have all posts about summer reading programs and ideas, as well as posts about education tips, events, and ideas to do while school is out.
  • Summer Fun! – All about fun kid or family activities to do this summer, as well as events, tips, ideas, well you get the idea ; )

I started this blog because I am truly always on the look out for places and activities to take my kids. We are a family on a tight budget, I know I have said this a lot, but we have to deal with many things just like many families are right now and I wanted to be able to share my ideas and events that I find with others.

So again a big Thank You!

Much Love,

Cruzin Mama

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