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Registration is up for many Vacation Bible Schools! I will be doing a VBS Series to keep everyone updated on great VBS programs I find. Vacation Bible School is such a great way for children to have fun learning about God and his messages. Plus most programs are free. I have already signed up my daughter for a great local program that she attended last summer. This is also a great way to find a new church if you have not found the right fit yet.  Be sure to register now as they tend to fill up quickly. Simply click on a church’s name below to be taken to their registration page.

Go wild at VBS this summer!

Cruzin Mama

  • Temecula/Murrieta/Menifee
  1. Sun Ridge Community Church  – June 22-27
  2. The Springs Community Church – June 23-26
  3. Orchard Christian Fellowship – July 14-18
  4. Cornerstone Christian – July 14-18
  5. Good Shepherd Lutheran Church – July 21-25
  • Orange County
  1. St. John’s Lutheran Church of Orange – June 23-27
  2. Calvary Church – June 23-27
  3. Rock Harbor – July 14-18 (at many locations all over Orange County)
  4. Harvest Church – July 14-18
  • San Diego
  1. Community Bible Church San Diego – June 23-27
  2. The Rock Church – June 24-27
  3. Calvary San Diego – July 8-11
  • Riverside
  1. The Grove Community Church – June 23-27
  2. Harvest Church – July 14-18

*I will keep researching and posting any more Vacation Bible Schools I find. You can use the link at the top of the posts to see all my VBS Series posts!*

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