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Besides their summer reading program, Barnes and Noble also has events for kids. Story time is Tuesdays at 10am it’s featured themes vary week to week. Pajamrama is on Fridays at 7pm, where your children come in their pajamas and enjoy a story before bedtime. Don’t forget to also check out the special events such as The Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed Story-time on June 24th at 11am.

Flyer from Barnes and Noble

Flyer from Barnes and Noble

Saturday June 28th at 10am will be a very fun hands-on learning event. This event is recommended for children 8 and up. Image posted above is the flyer for the Temecula store location. Be sure to check with your local store to see if they have a sign-up list and to make sure the scheduled time is the same.


There is still plenty of time to participate in the Summer Reading Program. The program runs until September 2nd. The program is very simple, just have your child right down each book he/she has read and they write a review on the book they read.


My daughter loved to discuss each book and write her little review.  She was so proud to take in her completed journal and pick out her free book. She even went through check-out all by herself, well with me right behind her. Also I checked with my local store and they let us complete the program twice!

Download Barnes and Nobles Reading Journal by clicking here.

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    • Just a heads up this reading program is for first to sixth graders only. If you would like information on another program that has no grade requirements. Then simply click on the Summer Reading and Education title at the top of this post.

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