VBS! (review and update)

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A Quick Review

My daughter just completed her first VBS of the summer and there’s no denying she had a blast. She even asked me why they can’t last all summer long. I told her not to worry I will sign her up for some more and that we will do that program again next year. This was our second year with this program and like I told my daughter we are definitely looking forward to participating again. The bible school I am referring to was run by Reliance Church here in Temecula and was held at Linfield Christian School from June 16 to June 20th. I have to just give a big thanks to all the volunteers and organizers who made this event possible and for running it so smoothly. My daughter attended the event everyday from 8am to 12pm and I can honestly say I felt so comfortable dropping her off there everyday and the check in and out processes were great. They truly made sure your child was in a safe secure environment but was still having plenty of fun and connecting with God.

First day at VBS

First day at VBS

The first day of vacation bible school is check in. There are tents set up where you check your child in by last name. When you check in your child you receive a print up schedule of the week with the devotions for each day, the dress up themes for certain days, information about the church, and a snack schedule (this year the snacks were nut free to accommodate those with allergies). Also at this time is when you receive all your wrist bands: a color coded event band, parent and child numbered band for drop off and pick, and an allergy band (only for the children with allergies, i.e. to medications or nuts). After receiving all this you are directed to the next tent where your child is given a shirt to wear throughout the week. Orange was for children in kindergarten to second grade and blue was for third grade to fifth grade. With how many children who attend this vacation bible school you would think that the first day is going to be a mad house. That is not the case the volunteers were so organized and helpful they made the process so simple.

The daily schedule of events.

The daily schedule of events.

When you sign your child up for this program you choose an activity or elective for your child to participate in. This year we chose gymnastics as my daughters activity. She loved gymnastics, we love to pick something that she has not already done to give her a new experience. Plus if it turns out to be something that really interests her, we try to see about continuing the activity after VBS has ended.  There are so many great activities offered its sometimes hard to choose just one. To name a few there is: soccer, baseball, gymnastics, hip hop dance, tea party, cheer, and football. Also many of the activities are taught by local studios and some even offer a discount to join their studio after VBS. Being in these smaller activity groups also helps to make daily learning of the scripture more one on one and interactive.


VBS themed days, Crazy Sock day, Crazy Hair day (a little mellow so it didn't interfere with gymnastics), Neon day, and Water Play day!

VBS themed days, Crazy Sock day, Crazy Hair day (a little mellow so it didn’t interfere with gymnastics), Neon day, and Water Play day!

The final day of VBS was very bitter sweet. My daughter had come home everyday excited to tell me everything she had learned. She wanted to show me some of her gymnastics skills and talk with me about the message of the day. So when Friday approached she was not ready for it to end but was so excited for the final day extravaganza. The last day of VBS is water day, and its not just regular ole’ water play with hoses and squirt guns, nope Reliance goes all out and has inflatable water slides! There is still hoses and buckets and plenty of field water play but the inflatables are a big attraction.

vbs 4

vbs 5

This was just such a great program for kids, they really made learning fun. Again I just want to say a big thank you to Reliance for this amazing experience!


I have a little series going where I have listed different VBS’s, so be sure to check them out so your child can have an amazing experience this summer. You can see all my posts on vacation bible schools here. All churches listed have a link to their registration page and show the dates of when they are having their VBS. Below are more that I have found.

  • Oceanside
  1. Calvary Chapel – July 7th-11th
  2. Community Lutheran Church – July 7th-11th
  3. Lighthouse Christian Church – July 20th- 24th
  •  Carlsbad
  1. Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church – July 14th- 18th
  2. Faith Community Church – July 21st-25th
  • Temecula/Murrieta/Menifee
  1. Covenant Grace – July 7th- 11th
  2. Rancho Community Church – July 7th-11th
  3. Trinity Lutheran Church – July 14th-18th


Try to check out a vacation bible school this summer and let me know how your experience was!

Cruzin Mama


*My review of Reliance Church’s vacation bible school is solely of my own opinion, it was in no way sponsored or endorsed by Reliance.*









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