Lowe’s Build and Grow Turbo Racer

Posted in Summer Fun!


Registration is up right now for the next Lowe’s Build and Grow event. Like all these events the registration fills up very quickly. The next build is Turbo with a pullback motor, seriously can’t wait for this build we haven’t done a build like it yet. My son is all about race cars and loves the movie Turbo so he is going to be so excited. The build is on Saturday July 12th at 10am. Always arrive early to insure your spot. You can click here to register for this build at a location nearest you.


Lowe’s Build and Grow events are such a great way to get children interested in STEM learning. Your child has to carefully read instructions and work with tools, using their fine motor skills. And mistakes can easily be made during these builds so it’s a great chance for children to learn problem solving skills. My kids have so much fun participating in these builds and are always so full of pride with their finished products. Of course I love that it is learning and fun for them. So sign up quick!

Happy Building!

Cruzin Mama


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