New Children’s Museum of San Diego Free Entrance!

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This Sunday July 13th is a free entrance day to the New Children’s Museum of San Diego. Every second Sunday of the month the New Children’s Museum offers free entrance this wonderful opportunity is sponsored by Target. I keep saying my family and I are going to go to the New Children’s Museum but keep missing the free entrance days. Unfortunately we have to miss tomorrow’s free entrance due to prior commitments. We’re going to have to make sure to set on a date and go soon!

Image from

Image from

The New Children’s Museum is a perfect interactive learning facility. My kids love to be able to play around and be hands on, so I know this will be a hit when we visit. The Museum offers numerous all day activities and workshops. Also offered is weekly toddler programs, can’t forget about the little ones it’s never too early to help generate an interest in learning.

Museum free entrance days are the second Sunday of every month and are from 12-4pm. Arrive early since parking can be a hassle and there is still a fee to park. Target also sponsors many other Museums, to find a partnered Museum nearest you click here. There are quite a few museums in Orange County with free entrance days and also in Los Angeles

Have fun exploring and learning.

Cruzin Mama


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