Frozen at Disney Store Summer Play Days

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Disney Stores Summer Play Days is still going on until September 1st. These daily events that are happening in the store such as learning to draw your favorite characters, becoming an honorary Avenger, listening to your favorite Disney story, or test your Disney knowledge with a fun trivia game. By attending one of these events your child will receive a special Summer Play Days button. Each week is a new button to collect and right now the featured button is Anna with Olaf from Frozen! image

Try to go to Trivia event days when a bonus pin is giving out pertaining to the Trivia theme. Both my kids have been having so much fun. Everyday has a different event planned so it’s nice to pick and chose which to attend.


Showtime days seem to be very popular. We just attended one which was completely full. It was a Showtime featuring everyone’s favorite toy doctor Doc McStuffins. The kids helped Doc fix up her friends and learned a dance about washing your hands. All the children who attended revived their very own magic stethoscope just like Docs(well a cutout version but still very fun).


The Anna and Olaf button is available until Sunday while supplies last. There are still some very cool buttons coming up for the final weeks of Summer Play Days. Collect them while you can and keep checking out the Disney Stores free events.

Cruzin Mama

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