Great San Diego Beaches for Families


Happy Labor Day everyone!

Well it’s the unofficial end of Summer, though with this heat we’ve been having it feels like Summer isn’t going away anytime soon. So what better way to cool off on this long weekend than with a trip to the beach. I decided to share some San Diego beaches my family loves to go to. Hope you enjoy!

Image from

Image from

Coronado Central Beach
There is just something about Coronado Island that makes it one of my favorite San Diego destinations. My kids love the giant bridge you cross to get to the island. Another great way is to park in Sea Port Village and take the ferry (we have yet to do this but it is something we will be planning on doing). There are a few beach spots on the island but my favorite is Central Beach located by Hotel Del Coronado. The Hotel Del creates such a great backdrop for a day at the beach. The sand is perfect for sand castles, there is usually some great works of art up to see. And the waves are usually more mellow so they are perfect for wading and boogie boarding. After the beach it is always great to walk around and check out the local shops and of course the historic Hotel Del. There is free parking all throughout the island, just make sure to watch for any signs stating otherwise.

920 Ocean Blvd
Coronado, CA 92118
Image from I couldn't seem to find my photos of our trip here.

Image from I couldn’t seem to find my photos of our trip here.

La Jolla Shores
When most people hear La Jolla Beach they think of La Jolla Cove and about the cliffs, the seals, and the children’s beach. I love to visit there to see all of that, but let’s face it that beach isn’t really a beach for kids to play in the water. Just a little further up the coast line though is La Jolla Shores. My family went here about a month ago and we were pleasantly surprised. The beach was far less crowded than the Cove and the water was so clean! Just make sure when you set up your spot to check which side of the flags you are on. The life guards here are very on top of keeping swimmers and boogie boarders out of the surfing side. There is a free parking lot at this beach with a fairly good amount of spaces.

8200 Camino del Oro
La Jolla, CA 92037
An older photo but one of my favorites of my daughter and I at Del Mar Beach

An older photo but one of my favorites of my daughter and I at Del Mar Beach

Del Mar Powerhouse Park and Beach
All of Del Mar is just gorgeous. My family loves to walk all the shops and picnic at Seagrove Park and it’s picturesque view of the ocean. Just down the slope from Seagrove Park is Powerhouse Park and Beach. Powerhouse Park has a great little playground that is hidden from the main road. This is also a great area to watch the commuter trains go by. Just steps down from the playground is the beach. Just like the park this beach is a little more secluded so it’s usually not as crowded as most So-Cal beaches. Parking can be a little bit tricker here but there is a lot nearby though you do have to pay but it’s  a pretty reasonable rate.

Powerhouse Park
Del Mar, CA 92014


My daughter boogie boarding at South Ponto Beach.

My daughter boogie boarding at South Ponto Beach.

South Ponto Beach
South Ponto Beach is a little hidden gem in Carlsbad. Most Carlsbad beach goers haven’t even heard of this beach or just catch a glimpse of it on a drive down the coast. So it is another less populated beach. We recently had a day out here and were actually hanging out right next to a Pro-Skateboarder and his family.  The waves here were perfect for my little beginning boogie boarder. My son had a blast flying his kite and the sand was perfect near the shore for building sand castles. I will say that when making your way towards the beach there is a patch of rocky sand between the soft sand but it really didn’t bother us at all. The northern parking lot does charge a fee to park there but a little south is another lot that is free but that lot is sand and not paved. I parked in the free lot with my car no problem and it’s a VW wagon.

South Ponto Beach,
Carlsbad Blvd, Carlsbad
CA 92024

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Keep a look out for more posts about more great beaches in San Diego and Orange County.

Cruzin Mama

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