Don’t Let the Crayons Quit at Barnes and Noble


Barnes and Noble needs your help in stopping the Crayons from quitting!

Barnes and Noble needs your help, The Crayons have had enough and are ready to quit. So join in the aid this month at 4 special story time events. Show the Crayons your support by attending the story time events, taking part in story time activities and by creating them a special message.(Click here for the special stationary)

The Day the Crayons Quit was my kid’s favorite book during Summer reading. The story follows a boys box of crayons who have had enough and have written him telling him so. It’s a very fun read and I’m sure the events will reflect that.


There will be 4 special story time days, beginning this Saturday September 6th at 11am. The rest will be on the next three Tuesdays at 11am. There will be one last special event on September 30th at 4pm to hear the Crayons final decision if they are going to quit or not.

Don’t miss out on the fun and show the Crayons your support!

Cruzin Mama

*Make sure to check with your local store to verify dates, times and details. Click here to find a location nearest you.*


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