California Coastal Cleanup Day


Grab a bucket and head to the beach this Saturday!

This Saturday September 20th is California Coastal Cleanup Day. This is a day where everyone is invited to do their part and help keep our coastline beautiful. California is famous for its beaches and with thousands of tourist and locals flocking to them year round there can be a build up of forgotten items.  The trash doesn’t just come from there much of it is from run off from sewers, highways, storm drains, streets and so on. This destroys the environment and is dangerous for sea life. By doing a coastal cleanup day this helps to keep our shores beautiful and to keep animals and sea life safe as well as beach-goers. This is a great opportunity to teach kids to do their part and how to respect our planet.


Join the Cleanup

To find a beach to volunteer at click here. This link is great for all of California. Below are direct links to San Diego and Orange County Beaches and more information about their volunteer details.

    • San Diego Beaches click here. Beaches that are RED have filled their volunteer quota, BLACK are still open for volunteers and GREEN are in need of volunteers.
    • Orange County Beaches click here.

Most beaches, unless stating otherwise, allow volunteers ages 3 and up. There a specific meet up locations and times so be sure to check when you are signing up.

Cleanup Fun

  • Bling your Bucket – fun contest to encourage volunteers to bring a reusable bucket to cleanup. Decorate your bucket anyway you like. Buckets will be judged by creativity and environmental message in age groups. For rules and more information click here.(This is for San Diego’s Coastal Cleanup, verify with the beach you’re registered at for contests).
  • Scout Patches – can be purchased on the day of cleanup or ordered online for up to two weeks after. Patches will be mailed out in October or can be picked up at ILACSD offices. Click here for ILACSD office hours and location. Email if you have questions or for more information.

    2014 Patch, image from

    2014 Patch, image from

  • Rubio’s Treat – Rubio’s is a sponsor and is offering volunteers a FREE Taco! Click here for more info.


Beyond Cleanup Day

Event after Cleanup Day anyone can help keep our beaches pristine. Everyone can do their part when they visit a beach by making sure to clean up after themselves and making sure all waste goes into proper bins. Another great way is to pick up extra trash you see. A big step would to Adopt-a-Beach. So if you can’t make it out this Saturday there are still many ways you can be involved.

I love to go to the beach with my little family. So in order to be able to enjoy beach trips for years to come we always pick up after ourselves. I want my kids to grow up seeing all the beauty California has to offer. So it’s my part to teach them about respecting nature so others can enjoy it too.

Cruzin Mama


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