Littlest Pet Shop’s New Line & Sets *Review*


Littlest Pet Shop Pawsabilities Product Review

Ok let me start by saying I am so excited and a little nervous about this post. This is my first ever product review. I was selected to be a part of a campaign to give my thoughts and opinion on the new Littlest Pet Shop Pawsabilities collection and to help generate some Bzzz about the company this fun opportunity is run through. I’ll give all the details about this program and how you can join in on the fun at the bottom of this post ;)

My full Littlest Pet Shop kit!

My full Littlest Pet Shop kit!

I have to admit I was completely surprised by how much was in my campaign box. I had read the details when I was chosen for the campaign but I guess I just wasn’t really expecting much or that it would even be a legitimate program. Well I was wrong and am so happy about that. I should share that I am apart of BzzAgent. BzzAgent is a leading social marketing company where participants give product reviews and feedback. But more about that in a bit.

Back to the Pet Shop surprise. I hadn’t told my daughter what would be coming in the mail so to see how excited she would be. And boy was she excited when I told her I had a surprise for her and opened the box. Her reaction was priceless, she told me that she is so spoiled and is the luckiest princess ever. In my mind this product review was off to a great start.

What’s in the kit


The biggest item was the Littlest Pet Shop itself with three exclusive Pets.


Next is the campaign box was Say Ahh to the Spa style set with the adorable Zoe.


To round out the set a bonus pet was included along with a DVD of the show which can be seen on Hub.


Add coupons! I know that these will be put to good use. I know some kiddos who will be getting some LPS gifts this holiday season. *Not pictured is a bonus coupon that came on the large Littlest Pet Shop Set*

What we think about it

My daughter loves the set! She already had some LPS toys but nothing like this. The set let’s kids decorate to fit their own style and personality. And I have to say assembly was fairly easy. And I must warn that there are some very tiny pieces that come in all the new Pawsabilities collection. So unfortunately for my kiddo she doesn’t get to fully decorate her sets because it’s too much of a hazard for her little brother. But when he is not around, mainly during naps, I do let her use the smaller pieces. The great thing with the new sets is that you can creat your own LPS world. The buildings are stackable and can be set up however your little one wants. The small decorations can be used on the Pets to style them also. The DVD has quite a few episodes on it and the show itself is very cute. The show follows an ambitious girl and her Pet Shop friends. My daughter was glued to the first episode, especially since it was set in Paris.

There are a few downsides I have noticed with the sets. The easy snap together set up is great but some of the pieces just don’t seem to stay snapped in. It doesn’t seem to bother my kiddo at all and is easy to fix by just re-snapping the pieces back in. Also the new style of Pets allows for the heads to be removed and changed around which is very fun. I have noticed though that they too seem to fall off during play because of this feature. One suggestion I have for this new collection is to have some more alternative sets that don’t just fit the stereotypical “girl toys”. The spa set is fun but not really fitting to my daughters style since she never really plays that way. I think some adventure sets would be great since on the show the Pets travel to many places. Besides the little hiccups with the snapping I think the set is great. I am definitely recommending it to friends and to my kiddos classmates.


Set up was quick and easy! We were playing not long after opening the box.


All set up and ready for play.


What’s the Bzz

So I mentioned earlier in this post that I was able to do this review because of BzzAgent. BzzAgent is a company that helps create hype and generate feedback for many products from well known companies. BzzAgent is completely free to join. Sign up is simple and all participation consists of is mostly completing surveys. Completing surveys not only helps companies but also yourself. Surveys help to see what products would be fitting for you. The more surveys you complete the more your Agent score increases. A good Agent score opens you to the possibility of being selected for campaigns. Campaigns are when you are sent a product to test out and keep, that’s right you get something for FREE. When being a part of a campaign there are activities to do that help give complete feedback on the product you received. All the activities are pretty straight forward and simple. To join in on all the Bzz click here.

Hope you found my review helpful and don’t forget to get involved in the fun by joining BzzAgent!

Cruzin Mama


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