Easy (Semi-from Scratch) Dairy Free Pumpkin Pie


So for some reason I wanted a pumpkin pie instead of a birthday cake this year for my birthday. I love to bake with my daughter and what better birthday gift is there than making these wonderful memories with my kiddos. So I searched for an easy recipe online and this is the one I used and it turned out great! Also a bonus with this recipe is that it is simple to make it Gluten Free as well :)

Recipe is from dairy-free.food.com


Information from dairy-free.food.com


Information from dairy-free.food.com

The ingredients can easily be used to make the pie Gluten Free also. To make your pie gluten free use a pre-made gluten free pie crust, that’s it pretty simple with making this a great allergy friendly treat! I do have to say to make sure you let the pie cook until the center is less gooey. And I found that letting it refrigerate over night made it firm perfectly.

Baking Fun!


The ingredients we used (not pictured is the two eggs). I found a dairy-free pre-made pie crust at my local grocery store. I opted for Almond Milk since it is what we always have on hand.


Mixing it all together. I found that by pre-measuring and placing all the ingredients in small bowls made it easy for my daughter to be completely involved. She was so proud of the pie she baked with little help from me.


Our yummy dairy-free pumpkin pies! And they are absolutely delicious.

Try out this fun easy allergy friendly recipe!

Cruzin Mama


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