Where to go Trick-or-Treating


Halloween is here! Now that a lot of the events and activities have already passed, it’s time to figure out where to take the kids trick-or-treating. For some this is simple by just going through their neighborhood or just to select neighbors houses. For others like myself this isn’t something that we have available. So then the question is “where should I take my kids trick-or-treating at?”. Here are some great options I have found and I hope that they are helpful to anyone still determining where to take their kiddos tomorrow night.

Trick-or-Treating locations

  • The Mall – why not stop by your local Mall. Many shops hand out candy, stickers and sometimes even coupons. This is usually a treat put on by the stores and not an actual Mall event. Stores will usually have a sign indicating if they are giving out treats.
  • Shopping Centers – similar to what stores at your local mall will do. Again this is usually put on by the stores themselves and they will have some sort of indication of whether treats are being giving out or not.
  • Trunk-or-Treats – check with your local churches, most with youth programs tend to hold events such as Trunk-or-Treats. This is where a designated parking lot will feature car trunks decorated and volunteers handing out treats. I especially enjoy taking my kids to these since it’s safe and easy. It’s really cool to see how creative people get with decorating their trunks.

Halloween Safety Tips

Trick-or-Treating is all about having a great time out. But it is still important to be safe and cautious. Like teaching your kids to not eat any treats until you have fully inspected them. This is extremely crucial for parents of children with food allergies. I recently read an article to fully read labels even if you have already given such treats to your child in the past. Some candy items even if the same flavor can have different ingredients in different sizes options. So always read the labels or verify on the items company’s website. Click here for some ideas for non-food or allergy safe treats.

  • Bring a Flash Light
  • Have your child wear a reflective strip or a glow item (i.e. bracelet, necklace, stick)
  • Always have at least one parent present and make sure kids stay together with their group
  • Don’t go to houses where all the lights are out
  • Stay on the sidewalks
  • Make sure children know to wait until an adult checks their candy before eating any

Have a fun and safe Halloween!

Cruzin Mama



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