The Peanuts Movie First Trailer


The Peanuts Movie 2015

You have probably heard by now that the Peanuts gang is coming to theaters next winter. This is their first movie in 35 years! The movie has been done in a great style of animation that pays homage to Charles Schulz’s original comic strips. Today FOX Family released the official trailer for the film. I was so excited to see this I was waiting for it’s release that was supposed to be next week but Snoppy had other plans. My son was absolutely hooked after just watching the teaser trailer so this new trailer will definitely get his attention. I truly like the animation that was chosen for this film it keeps so much with the Classic Charlie Brown films everyone knows and loves. And it is so fitting that it will be debuting during the holidays since watching one of the Classic Charlie Brown movies is a holiday staple in my home. I am already ready to see movie from this movie! You can keep up to date with the Peanuts Movie through it’s website. The movie comes out November 2015 but you can get you first look in the video below!

Enjoy! And remember Dream Big!

Cruzin Mama


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