Jurassic Forest


If my family has no real plans for the weekend but just needs to get out of the house we will go out for a drive. No real direction or destination. Just to get out and do a little exploring. Usually we find a nice place to go walk around or a new park for the kids to play at. On our most recent family drive we ended up stoping at Jurassic Forest located at Vail Lake nearby our home. This is a fun little pit stop off of Highway 79 and if you happen to be heading down this stretch of road stop in and check it out for yourself. It is FREE to enter and view and many of the pieces are available for purchase.


When you enter Vail Lake Resort you will inform the attendant at the entrance that you are there to see Jurassic Forest. You will be given a parking marker for your car and will head just a short drive in to the sculptures.



Many of the sculptures are all displayed in the main area but there is a nice little path to walk down that has dinosaurs hidden throughout it.


Not only was the artists studio open during our visit but the artist himself was there. He was very nice and it was great to put a face to the work. The sculptures are so very detailed and I would of loved to have purchased one if I had the space for it. You can also view these sculptures in Old Town Temecula. They are on display right next to Pennypickle’s Workshop.


If you happen to be cruising through the area, this is a fun little pit stop!

Cruzin Mama

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