Portable North Pole – Personalized Message from Santa


Christmas is almost here! Have your little ones been extra good lately to make sure Santa will bring them just what they are hoping for? How about sending them a personalized message from the Big Man himself to let them know he has been taking notice of their behavior. Portable North Pole has some very fun personalized videos to create for your little ones. There is different package options with more detailed personalizations and options. There is a cost to the packages ranging from $3.99 and up, but there is a FREE package that is perfect to try out.


The videos are simple to make and are so much fun to watch with your kids. I love seeing my kiddos reactions to seeing Santa use photos of them and talking about fun little personal details. I like to take a little video of them watching the message it’s just so funny seeing their reactions. We even like to have the kids watch a video sent to us parents too. It is just such a blast for them to see Mommy and Daddy having to work to be on the nice list too. I really like that the packages aren’t insanely priced so you can save and enjoy your videos even after the holidays.


Portable North Pole is also available on Mobile devices! The App is FREE to download.

Click here for Apple devices

Click here for Android devices

Or just visit portablenorthpole.com on your computer.

Check out this video to catch a little glimpse of how PNP messages from Santa look!

Hope this becomes a new fun holiday tradition!

Cruzin Mama


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