Hello 2015

Hello 2015 | Cruzin Mama

Hello 2015

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a great 2014 and are having so far a nice start to 2015. This last year like many before had it’s highs and it lows. I always try to be a positive person so looking back I’m focusing more on the good and bringing that into this year. 2014 was the year I finally decided to start this blog. I am always doing or finding fun and inexpensive events or places to go with my kids. I was having friends or my spouses coworkers ask where I found all these things, so I had been telling him I should blog since I’m already doing all the research anyways and that way everyone can get the info easily. I am so happy with my blog it has some kinks and needs some improvement and even though I thought about stopping I’m glad that I haven’t. I am going to work harder and make improvements this year on it!

So I’m setting a few goals for this year myself and for my blog. I am so excited for a new start and can’t wait for things to grow and change. I will be more committed to blogging and finishing posts. I had so many posts this year that I sat on and ended up not finishing. I will also strive to get information out sooner to make sure others have time to plan to attend. I will also be striving for a healthier self this year. I work out off and on but get lazy and fall into a more unhealthy routine and eating. So this year I plan to be outdoors more and to eat healthier. It’s not a weight loss goal or diet it’s a change so that I can be more involved with my kids and have a better self appreciation.

I am excited and nervous about what this year will bring. But just like 2014 I will focus more on the positive and not give up. I wish everyone a wonderful New Year and with it many blessings of health and happiness. I would love to hear others goals for this year as well, it’d be great to add to my growing list ;)

Goodbye 2014 and Hello 2015!

Cruzin Mama

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