Disney Junior Live! *Review*

Disney Junior Live Pirate and Princess Adventure

Disney Junior Live Pirate and Princess Adventure

Disney Junior Live Pirate and Princess Adventure Review!

Just this last Sunday my family was treated to a very fun Disney event. We went to see Disney Junior Live Pirate and Princess Adventure! This is a wonderful live touring show featuring Disney Junior favorites Sofia the First and Jake and the Neverland Pirates. As a little bonus if you arrive early to the show there is a preshow with everyone’s favorite toy doctor Doc McStuffins.

Time for your check up with Doc McStuffins

Time for your check up with Doc McStuffins

Doc was a great start to the show and really got the kids excited. I just wish the pre-show clinic was a little bit longer. All the kids really enjoyed helping her shake the excitement out. But it was a fun glimpse of what the coming show was going to be like. As if Dic wasn’t enough to get all the kids excited Mickey and Minnie came out after the pre-show to get it all started with a fun song and dance.

Disney Junior Live

Sophia's amulet helped bring a very special guest to the show.

Sofia’s amulet helped bring a very special guest to the show.


The Princess portion of the show was first and featured Sofia the First. We watched as Sofia planned a special gift for Enchancia’s Royal Celebration. In her preparations you join Sofia and her friends at Royal Prep and see the fairies give the young royals a lesson in poise. Later you are with Sofia and her siblings as they help her make a special gift for the celebration. Things get a little out of hand and Sofia’s amulet enlists the help of a special guest to get her back on the right track. Then we are all invited to the celebration and Sofia gives her gift to us all.



Disney Junior Live

After intermission, which I am thankful that there was an intermission for little ones to stretch and use the restroom, was time for the Pirate portion! Jake and his mates invited us along on an adventure through Neverland to unlock the treasure of a mysterious volcano. Captain Hook and his men caused a few hiccups along the way and a with the help of the audience we were able to call Peter Pan to help save the day. You also help Jake and his mates race in Bucky to find the mysterious volcano and then aid them in revealing the treasure.

What I think

The show is just like watching a live episode of the Disney Juniors shows they are based on. The dialog and songs are all pre-recorded but none of the children noticed this. The actors really emphasize the dialog as if they are speaking with microphones on them with their hand and body gestures. The songs are all fun and have wonderful dance numbers with them. I personally loved how the sets were. There is a digital screen behind the actors that changes to match the location of the scene. And true to the shows the characters interact with the audience; i.e. asking for help/feedback. I could tell my kiddos were really into the Pirate portion of the show and I have to say that was my favorite also. To me the Pirate potion was more lively and interactive. The Princess portion was still very adorable. All the costumes are very well done and really makes the characters come to life. I would highly recommend this show for anyone with little ones or fans of the Disney Junior shows. The show is no longer in California but there are plenty of other Disney shows coming to the area soon and with just my impression from this show I am looking forward to checking out other Disney Live shows!

*And a quick note my pictures do not do this show justice. We had a very good view of the show and were actually a lot closer than the photos make it appear. I also had some camera issues going on but this is really a great show.*

Rock your Disney side and check out a Disney show near you!

Cruzin Mama

*This post was in no way endorsed or sponsored by Disney or it’s affiliates. Everything stated in this post is that of my own opinion. I was in no way compensated for this post.*


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