Paddington Movie *Review*

Paddington Bear The Movie

My family was recently treated to movie tickets as a reward for my daughter receiving straight A’s on her report card (thank you Noni!). So we decided to see the new Paddington Movie. I grew up watching the old show at my grandparents house and was pretty excited to see this new version of Paddington. My son is fairly familiar with the marmalade loving bear as well. Last summer he chose the story book as his reward for completing the Pottery Barn Kids summer reading program. He also has his own mini Paddington that was giving to him by a family member who had traveled to Europe (I don’t believe they actually got the little bear at Paddington Station but he’s still a very special gift). We were all eager to see the accident probe bear brought to the big screen.

Paddington Movie *Review*

I have to say my family really enjoyed Paddington. This was a fresh new take on the classic. The stylization of the movie was very well done. Even though Paddington was a CGI bear it was in no way distracting and flowed so well. Like I said this was a modern take but Paddington was still the same marmalade loving, clumsy, and curious bear we all know. I really liked that he was given more of an origin. Like the explanations for his love of marmalade. The adding of a villain was actually fun. Nicole Kidman is great as the villain in Paddington. She was recognizable as the “bad guy” but not overwhelming which kept with the whole lighthearted flow of the movie. My three year old son hugged his little bear throughout the whole movie, there was only a few times where he played seat hopping. For the most part he stayed seated and attentive to the screen. I would defiantly recommend taking your little ones to see Paddington. This was a very cute family comedy.

You can check out the movies trailer below. Have fun at the movies!

Cruzin Mama

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