Lakeshore Learning FREE Kids Crafts

Lakeshore Learning FREE Crafts for Kids

My little guy loved the octopus craft.

My little guy loved the octopus craft.

Every Saturday Lakeshore Learning offers a FREE craft for kids. The craft is held from 11am to 3pm and is geared for children ages 3 and up. This is a fun way to check out all the learning tools Lakeshore has to offer while your little ones can keep busy with a fun craft. For me this is perfect for my son who is at the preschool age now but is not currently attending a school. I take advantage of this free craft for him to learn techniques such as following directions, pasting, matching, and letting his creativity thrive. Be sure to check out the free craft days! View the free kids craft schedule below and be sure to click here to find a store nearest you.

February Kids Crafts

  • Uncle Sam’s U.S. Mask
    February 14th Kids Craft
  • Roar-A-Lot Lion Puppet
  • Hats Off Pencil Holder

February Special Events

Dr. Seuss' Birthday Celebration at Lakeshore Learning

Come celebrate Dr. Seuss’ Birthday with Lakeshore Learning on Saturday February 28th! This event will be going on along with the Free Kids Craft from 11am until 3pm. There will also be a bonus craft this day along with hourly storytimes.

Happy crafting!

Cruzin Mama


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