Easy Valentine Mailbox

Valentines Mailbox

Since this ends up being such a fun craft and my daughter is so happy with her finished product I thought I should share our Easy Valentines Mailbox ideas! Last year I didn’t have any shoeboxes on hand to use for the requested craft for her class’ Valentines event so we opted to use an empty cereal box. It turned out to be a big success. So we decided to go the same route with this years mailbox. When it comes to projects and crafts I try to use materials already in my home. For both mailboxes the main materials used were construction paper, glue, tape, and an empty cereal box. Pretty simple and it’s really fun to see how creative we can get. I love that this is a little yearly tradition that my daughter and I share.

Valentines Mailbox craft

To get things started my daughter and I did a little brainstorming on what she would like on her “mailbox”. We ran through a few ideas and talked about how to go about making those ideas work. She was a little indecisive on what she wanted but finally settled on doing a Star Wars Rebels theme. She absolutely loves Star Wars and is a big fan of the new cartoon show that features two female main characters. So we talked about doing something with her favorite character Sabine from Star Wars Rebels. With the construction paper colors we already had we worked out doing Sabines helmet for her valentine mailbox. I got to work looking up images and drawing up a sketch to work with. We then covered the cereal box with construction paper together using tape. I traced my sketch onto the color paper my daughter had chosen and then had my daughter cut out the helmet.

Valentine Mailbox sketch

On the helmet sketch I wrote out what colors we were going to use. (We ended up not having some of out intended colors but we found ways to make it work.)

DIY Valentine Mailbox

All the next steps were tracing and cutting out the detailed pieces. I did much of the tracing since the paper I used for the original sketch was very thin and hard to hold in place to trace. So my daughter handled the cutting and assembly, requiring only a little help and guidance.

DIY Valentine Mailbox

We colored some of the construction paper with crayons to get the colors we were hoping for since we a limit selection on hand. This actually gave her helmet the look we were going for anyways. After everything was cut out the pieces were then laid on the pink helmet and glued down. It was almost like putting a little puzzle together. Just make sure not to mix up any pieces and it can throw everything off and can lead to having to starting all over. Once we had everything glued down we then glued the finished helmet to the front of our covered cereal box.

Star Wars Valentine Mailbox

The finished product! I have to say I’m really proud of the work my kiddo and I did. She is so excited to take her mailbox to school and show all her friends. I love that we use a cereal box for this craft since we leave the top completely open. All the Valentines she receives from her friends fit perfectly and no worrying about having to cram them through a small slot.

Owl Valentine Mailbox

This is my daughters Valentine Mailbox from last year. We did a simple but very cute owl. The steps for this were almost the same. We covered the empty cereal bow with construction paper. Then I helped draw out the owl pieces on paper which my daughter then cut out. We used glue to make designs and on the wings, beak and body and then poured glitter on top of the wet glue. The only part that I did completely by myself was the bow since I used a hot glue gun to create it and glue it the box.

Hope you enjoyed this little craft tutorial and that it can aid in future Valentine mailbox ideas!

Cruzin Mama

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