Imagine Me Grow *Grand Opening*

All images courtesy of Imagine Me Grow

All images courtesy of Imagine Me Grow

A wonderful new children’s play place has just recently opened in Murrieta. Imagine Me Grow is a place where children can let their imaginations take center stage. This little imagination town is a great safe place for little ones to play. There is a variety of shops on Main Street in this Imagination Town that let children explore the world of “grown-up” careers. Your little one can go to university, or run a bakery, take care of injured animals in the animal hospital, or prepare to save lives in the fire station. The possibilities are endless.

Pretend play at Imagine Me Grow

At this time Imagine Me Grow is only open to parties, play groups and field trips. But the possibility of open play hours may be an option in the future. But for now if you are interested in booking an event it is best to do soon as Imagine Me Grow is filling up with scheduled events.

Private Room at Imagine Me Grow

The staff at Imagine Me Grow handles all the party hassle to keep you stress free. They will set up, great party guests, and do the clean up! And you are more thank welcome to bring in decorations to have your own personal party theme.

Imagine Me Grow Grand Open House

Want to check out this amazing place before booking your next event? Well no problem! Imagine Me Grow is having a Grand Open House event Saturday March 22nd from 10am to 2pm. During the Grand Open House you will be able to walk through the imaginary town and meet a special hero. This is a FREE event for the whole family.

Have fun pretending!

Cruzin Mama

For more information visit Imagine Me Grow on Facebook, Instagram or online.

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