Temecula Valley Family Fair *Review*

TV Family Fair

Today is the last day of the Temecula Valley Family Fair. I wanted to share my family’s fun day at the fair for anyone still thinking about going before the fair is gone!

TV Fair Ribbon Cutting

My kiddos and I attended opening day of the the fair and were able to watch the ribbon cutting ceremony. My daughter got to meet some of the very sweet Beaty Queens/Princesses. There wasn’t a big crowd yet so we had the place practically to our selves. Which was great since my kids, mainly the little guy, have a hard time waiting in long lines.

TV Fair Giant Wheel

TV Fair Carnival Area

Carnival Game Prizes

Childrens Coaster at the Fair

TV Fair Carnival Rides

Since we were in the Fair early my kids were the first to ride some of the rides. A couple times they were the only riders. Most of the rides were 3-4 tickets a person. Tickets are $1 each or 24 for $20. There is also an unlimited wrist band available for $30. I stuck with the $20 deal since there isn’t a lot of rides that both my kids could go on and I wasn’t planning on riding any myself. Unfortunately my little guy was too little to do the Giant Wheel, maybe next year.

Princesses at the Fair

Even at the fair we showed our Disney side and found all the princesses for a few photo ops. The Princesses were having a raffle to win a party with them so naturally my daughter had to enter.

TV Fair Fun

TV Fair Inflatables

By far my kids favorite area was the inflatables. It was only a cost of 1 ticket a bouncer to get in and the were able to go on each inflatable as much as they wanted. My son was content with the regular bounce houses. My daughter braved the large slides and obstacle courses.

TV Fair Butterfly Exhibit

Besides the Bricks 4 Kids exhibit, our favorite exhibit was the Butterfly tent. They were very active during our visit. And the volunteer was kind enough to left my daughter hold one very carefully. There was also a petting zoo that was free to enter. And one of the vendors was a local tortoise rescue with tortoise available for adoption right there.

Fair Treats

Being that the fair was here in Temecula Valley even though it is spring it can and was very hot! Luckily there where plenty of delicious vendors. The best part was seeing the Mustache Mikes cart who has allergy safe treats for my FPIES kiddo. Again our Disney side showed when we found the Dole Whip stand, my daughter very much enjoyed her treat.

Easter Bunny at the Fair

No Spring fair is complete without a visit with the Easter Bunny!

This was a fun little fair! Expensive but that’s how all fairs are. I think within the next few years the TV Fair will grow and expand. With more rides, attractions and vendors the TV Fair could be just as big as the San Diego Fair.

This is looking like the start of a new tradition for my family!

Cruzin Mama

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