Butterfly Jungle at the San Diego Safari Park

Butterfly Jungle at the San Diego Safari Park

A great spring break mini trip is a visit to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. The Safari Park has a lot to see and do, especially right now with the Butterfly Jungle going on. The Butterfly Jungle is a wonderful up close experience that goes on at the Safari Park for a limited time every spring. A trip to this jungle is a perfect spring time activity.

SD Safari Park Butterfly Jungle

The Butterfly Jungle

Butterfly pupae

Butterfly Jungle

The Jungle is a gorgeous exhibit filled with beautiful flowers and a variety of butterflies. There is a guide of the butterflies inside the exhibit at the entrance or there are guide cards that are FREE for visitors. My daughter tried to find all the butterflies featured on the guide card it was a fun game of “I spy” for us.

*Butterfly Jungle Tip*
The Butterfly Jungle is a very popular exhibit so there can be a long wait to get in. The longest I have seen is a 2 1/2 hour wait. I spoke with a worker who informed me that the line is at its shortest at the start and end of the day. But the butterflies are most active around noon, so a way to avoid the crowds but see the butterflies best is to go during the week.

Butterflies, butterflies, butterflies

*Butterfly Jungle Tip*
The Butterflies love hats! They seem to be very attracted to hats that are similar to the one my daughter wore. She remembered how much the butterflies loved her Noni’s hat from our visit last year and made sure to wear hers this time. At one point she had 4 butterflies catching a ride on her head!

Butterfly catching a ride

Another tip is to wear bright colors or floral prints. My sons light green shirt was a butterfly magnet but my little guy was not a fan of them landing on him.

Feeding the butterflies

He was much more a fan of watching them and feeding them.

Feeding the Butterflies

I had no idea until our visit that you are able to feed the butterflies much like the Lorikeets at the Safari Park. You can purchase the butterfly food at the line entrance to the exhibit. It is also the same cart that sells the Lorikeet food. The Butterfly food is a piece of watermelon and is a great way for kids to really see how these beautiful little creatures eat.

Butterfly Jungle Guide Card

Butterfly Jungle

  • Open Daily until April 12th (Safari Park is open from 8am to 6pm daily)
  • Entrance- FREE with Safari Park Admission
  • Priority tickets $20 (this is to avoid any lines)

Can’t miss attractions

When visiting the Safari Park don’t forget to see all this great place has to offer. Some can’t miss exhibits/attractions are the new Tiger Trail, the Cheetah Run & Lion Camp, the Gorrillas and the Africa Tram.

Safari Park Tiger Trail

The new Tiger Trail is a wonderful addition to the Safari Park. You are now able to see the beautiful animals up close. There are multiple areas to catch a view of the Tigers. My kids really liked the little hidden path that takes you down to a viewing area. They also liked being able to walk under a waterfall on the trail.

Tiger Trail

Tiger Trail Waterfall

Tiger Trail Hidden PathTiger at the Safari Park

It was so nice to actually see the cats, before with the old exhibit it was rare to see them.

Tiger Trails play area

The new play area was a hit with my kids.

Safari Park Balloon

Lion Camp and the Cheetah Run

Giraffes on the Safari tram

Giraffes on the Safari tram

View of the Africa Tram

The Africa Tram is a great way to see a large variety of animals without walking the whole park. There can also be quite a wait to ride the Tram but if you visit during the week there is little to no wait time then. The Tram is not included with admission and tickets must be purchased separately. The Tram is included with Zoo memberships.

*Safari Park Tip*
If you plan on visiting more than once or plan to also go to the San Diego Zoo a membership is definitely a way to go. A Safari Park membership gives you entrance to both San Diego Zoo locations and some other great perks.

Be sure to check out the butterflies this spring before they are gone! And just check out this wonderful animal park.

Have fun exploring!

Cruzin Mama

San Diego Zoo Safari Park
15500 San Pasqual Valley Rd.
Escondido 92027

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