Legoland Star Wars Days 2015

Star Wars Days at Legoland

I am working on getting everything together from my weekend at Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim. I have a feeling that I’m going to have to break it up into at least two posts for all that I have to cover. So I decided to share for now my family’s trip to Legoland Star Wars Days last month.

My family had the most amazing trip to Legoland here in California for Star Wars Weekend! Not only is Legoland my kids favorite theme park to visit but it was also all about Star Wars. And if you can’t tell by now we are total fans. We were just so excited to check out this very cool yearly event. Normally Legoland Star Wars Days are held closer to June but this year the event was moved up to help celebrate the newest addition to Mini Land, the Death Star. I am beyond grateful that my little family was able to be apart of this celebration.

Miniland Death Star

Build table next to Death Star

Death Star Trench

The Death Star is now at Legoland. The newest addition to Miniland is in no way mini. The Lego Death Star is made up of more than 500,000 Lego bricks! It is a sight to see along with all the Star Wars Land section of Miniland.

Lego Star Wars Miniland

Star Wars Miniland

Lego Tatooine in Miniland

Lego Millinium Falcon

Star Wars Miniland features so many iconic scenes from the movies. Be sure to really look throughout each display as there are lots of little details in them. Also find the polls that have a button on them to see the Legos come to life. Like in the Cantena scene the button starts the band playing, you see them move and hear the music.

501st at Star Wars Days

501st at Star Wars Days

501st at Star Wars Days

Boba Fett at Star Wars Days

One of the best features of Star Wars Days was all the characters that were there specially for the weekend. All the characters were members of the 501st Legion, which is an organization of Star Wars Fans who have all made there own costumes. The 501st visit many hospitals and charity events across the country brining smiles to fans and everyone. What I loved most is that all the 501st are so dedicated to their costume rolls. They played along so much with my kids, especially being such good sports with my little one who happened to “force-choked” all of them.

Star Wars Weekend



During Star Wars Days there was a special exhibit area featuring some amazing fan art work and builds. It was awesome to see all that could be built with Legos.

Legoland Droid Hunt

Star Wars Trivia Contest

Mini Costume Contest Particpants

Just like Brick-or-Treat, Star Wars Days has fun contests with great prizes. The Droid hunt was put on by the 501st and when you were caught you were giving a raffle ticket. The prizes for the raffle were some very awesome Star Wars Lego sets. My daughter participated in the trivia challenge and her group actually won! She received an exclusive Lego C3PO mini-figure. My son had a blast making friends before the costume contest, he didn’t win but he did also receive the C3PO mini-figure. But he just was so happy playing with all the other kids in costumes.

Lego R2D2

Legoland Star Wars Days are out of this World! Even though this event is over there is still so much to see and do at the park. The Death Star is a can’t miss along with all of Star Wars Miniland.

Blast off on a great adventure!

Cruzin Mama

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