DC Super Hero Girls

DC Super Hero Girls

Girls Are Taking Over This Fall!

I truly cannot say how excited I am to share this news. I have been a fan of comic books and their respected TV series since a very young age. I remember my mom getting me the few female Super Hero toys to play along with my brothers growing up. Things have come along way, I used to have to shop in the “Boys” sections at stores to find Batman apparel now there is a growing amount of fan base among girls/woman that it is more accessible. My daughter is a fan now as well and it has been so nice to be able to find her apparel and items easily. But there was still a noticeable lack of female roles. Well DC is helping to expand this with the news of their partnership with WB and Mattel. Fall of this year will be a Girls Take Over!

“Beginning in Fall 2015, DC Entertainment, Warner Bros. Animation, Warner Bros. Consumer Products and Mattel join forces to launch DC Super Hero Girls, an exciting new universe of Super Heroic storytelling that helps build character and confidence, and empowers girls to discover their true potential.” – Official Press Release by DC Comics

So look out for the DC Super Hero Girls action figures, apparel, TV specials, videos, books and much more!

DC Super Hero Girls will be geared toward kids ages 6 to 12 years old. The new expansion will focus on female Super Heroes and Super Villians before they have come into their own with their super-powers. Characters such as Wonder Woman, Posion Ivy, Supergirl, Harley Quinn, Batgirl, Bumble Bee, Katana and many more will be apart of the new universe of Super Heroes.

This news is truly amazing and I cannot wait to see everything that will be coming. So again keep an eye out for the Girls Taking Over this Fall!

Read the full article of the Press Release by DC Comics at dccomics.com

Have a Super day!

Cruzin Mama

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