Temecula Blueberry Farm

Temecula Blueberry Farm

Temecula Blueberry Company’s farm is now open for the U-Pick season. A visit to the blueberry farm is a delightful little outing for the family this spring. My family decided to spend Mother’s Day checking out the farm for the very first time and of course pick some blueberries.

Temecula Blueberrry Farm

Blueberry Farm Info

The Blueberry Farm

It’s fairly easy to spot the farm when you are arriving by the large red barn style building. The barn is surrounded by a few fields of blueberry plants. The first stop when at the farm is at the small barn to pick up your bucket to collect your blueberries in. The cost of the blueberries is $5 per pint. *Important* Temecula Blueberry Farm accepts cash or check only!

Temecula Blueberry Company Chicken Coup

Temecula Blueberry Company's Piglet

The Blueberry Farm is also home to a few animals. The chicken coup was open for egg collecting during our visit and children where asked to help in the collecting (due to allergies we did not participate). There was also two adorable piglets there.

Blueberry Fields

Blueberry picking

Picking blueberries

Buckets of berries

The Blueberry farm’s fields have plenty of berries to be picked. Picking is so easy and fun, just remember to stick to only “blue” blueberries as they are ripe and ready to eat right after washing them. Also please only pick what you plan to purchase.

Temecula Berry Co.

Temecula Berry Company
39700 Cantrell Rd
Temecula CA 92591
Open Daily 8am – 6pm

Movie Nights at the Farm

Friday nights will be movie at the farm nights beginning May 29th. Movie night begins at 8pm and don’t forget to bring your chair. *Movie schedule has yet to be announced.*

Family Fun- Blueberry Picking

Have a fun trip to the blueberry farm!

Cruzin Mama

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