Discover Upper Newport Bay

Newport Bay Conservancy

Hiking around Newport Bay Conservancy and the Muth Interperitive Center

Saturday was National Trails Day and I attempted to take my family on a hike on the new trail here in Temecula. Unfortunately it was a completely unsuccessful, the trail is a new initiative to create a connection between Temecula, Murrieta, Wildomar and Lake Elsinore. The Temecula trail is not very family friend from its intended starting point and after trying for about an hour we never reached the unpaved path. So instead of sharing all about that trail I decided to share about a great family hiking spot in Newport. Many times it is just myself and my two kids hiking so finding a kid friendly trail is a must. I especially like to find ones that have a nature center or learning centers so I can involve so education into our adventure.

The Newport Bay Conservancy fits just that, with its beautiful trails surronding the bay and two vistor centers. The first of which is the Muth Interpretive Center on the Upper Newport Bay side of the Conservancy. The second is the Back Bay Science Center. My family has yet to visit the Back Bay Science Center, but I know a trip is in the works to visit it this summer.

Upper Newport Bay

Upper Newport Bay Trails

Hiking Upper Newport Bay

When we arrived at the Conservancy we went up to the observatory deck to just take in all the views. The kids had fun looking through the view finder trying to find any animals out on the bay. We only hiked around a short trail as we ended up spending much of our visit at the Interperitive Center. On our next visit we will definitely get more exploring in.

Muth Interpertive Center

Muth Center Newport Bay

Newport Bay Turtle

Newport Bay Interpretive Center

*Coming Soon* Tide Pool Exhibit

Muth Interpertive Center

Newport Bay Muth Center

So we spent a lot of our visit at the Muth Interpertive Center. The kids had fun in the activity room playing with puppets, puzzles and coloring. The activity room also is home to an assortment of animals that are native to the bay, such as turtles, snakes and tarantulas. While in the activity room my daughter and I took the time to work on a free learning activity book. The book led us to the other half of the Center to answer questions in it. The other side of the Center features interactive exhibits with artifacts found in the area. This is the more educational side of the Muth building. There is also a movie room, but we did not happen to visit it during our trip. During our visit one of the exhibits was under construction, soon it will be a wave pool complete with Sting Rays.

Newport Bay Junior Ranger Program

Junior Ranger

The activity book that we completed at the Muth Center was apart of the Junior Ranger Program. This is a program to get kids involved with National Parks and in conservation. It’s a wonderful free program. When your child completes the program at a participating park or reserve, they are sworn in by a Park Ranger and given a Junior Ranger badge.

So the next time you’re out in the Newport Bay area take a hike and check out the Newport Bay Conservancy.

Cruzin Mama

Newport Bay Muth Interpretive Center
2301 University Drive,
Newport Beach, CA 92660
Hours and Cost
Open Tuesdays – Sundays 10am to 4pm
Parking and Entrance are FREE

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