Avengers Assemble this Summer at Lowe’s

Lowe's Build and Grow: Avengers Assemble

Lowe’s Build and Grow Super Summer Builds

This summer Lowe’s Build and Grow kids workshops have gotten a Marvel treatment. The builds are apart special Avengers Assemble series with each one focusing on a member of the Avengers team and their method of transportation. The first two builds were Iron Man with his jet and Captain America with his motorcycle. The next upcoming build will feature Black Widow on Saturday July 11th at 10am.

Children who attend and complete a build recieve goggles, a fun goggle mask, Build and Grow apron (goggles and apron are given to first time attendees), and a corresponding build patch. Registration is required to reserve a spot at the build, but there are sometimes no-shows and extra kits. So if you are unable to register for a build try showing up to your local Lowe’s early and see about a walk-up spot. All builds start promptly at 10am. Registration for an upcoming build is always the Monday after a current build. *i.e. July 11th is the Black Widow build, so Monday July 13th will be the registration for the July 25th Hawkeye build.* You can find upcoming Build and Grow clinics and registration by going to lowesbuildandgrow.com

Avengers Assemble- Lowe's Build and Grow Summer Series

Avengers Assemble Schedule

  • Black Widow Skycycle July 11th
  • Hawkeye Quinjet July 25th
  • Hulk Tank August 8th
  • Thor Chariot August 22nd

Have a marvelous time building!

Cruzin Mama

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