Inside Out Now Available

Images courtesy of Disney•Pixar

Images courtesy of Disney•Pixar

Let your emotions run wild Inside Out is now available to own! Be sure to pick up your copy on DVD/Blu Ray. I’m sure you can tell but we are big fans of this family flick. My daughter and I attended a special screening of the movie when it was in theaters. Inside Out was just an immediate favorite for us.

Inside Out goes inside the head of 11 year old Riley and let’s you see and get to know her emotions; Joy, Sadness, Anger, Disgust, and Fear. When a big change happens in Riley’s life her emotions begin going through changes as well. Then an accident happens that sends Joy and Sadness on an unexpected journey of discovery. Joy and Sadness must make it back to the emotions headquarters before it is too late and to help Riley get back in touch with her emotions. Along the way you meet a very memorable character, who is a great reminder of childhood innocence and symbolizes when you start to grow up. Joy teaches us that it is actually ok to not be happy all the time, that it’s ok to be angry about a big change or to even be sad and scared. And that through sadness we can find joy. Inside Out is a great film for the whole family.

Available now on Blu Ray/DVD combo packs that include Pixar shorts, behind the scenes and deleted scenes. With the movie release a brand new Pixar short was added to the combo packs; Riley’s First Date. Get a chance to see the emotions that come with going on a first date, including Riley’s parents. This new short is a perfect extension of the film. The combo pack includes the volcanic short Lava which premiered before Inside Out in theaters. Check out the movie trailer below.

Be sure to grab your copy today!

Cruzin Mama


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