The Peanuts Movie *Review*

The Peanuts Movie

Since a local theater by me has a great special for first of the day showings, it was a nice opportunity to take the kids out for a movie treat. So why not take our peanuts to check out the new Peanuts Movie.

I grew up watching the holiday specials every Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter. And even remember watching many other movies of the Peanut Gang. I have been sharing these such films with my own children. So I will say I was a little apprehensive to see this new more modern take. But I was able to go into this new film with an open mind and it was great!

The new film’s animation takes nothing away from the originals, it still has the charm and recognizability to the original style. It was nice to see how the new characterization was going to come across, I really liked how they captured many of the characters iconic features. The new animation style was able to translate Charlie Brown’s extremely unique hair very well.

The movies theme is to Dream Big but more than that message can be taken from this film. The central theme of being the best version of yourself is something not just aimed towards children. Charlie Brown is fairly known as the lovable loser, he always seems to have a bit of bad luck. I feel that this is a great thing for kids to see. Not everything will be perfect or go exactly their way but you can always try to maintain a positive attitude and look on the bright side. The lessons that come from this film were easy to understand and came off in an enjoyable and sometimes amusing fashion.

What the new Peanuts film really hit on the head was Snoopy’s personality and charm. He’s the same loyal and unique beagle that we know from the original films. And his sub-adventure with the Red Barron was a wonderful addition to the film. It reminded me so much of his battle in The Great Pumpkin.

Many children’s films now and days are coming across as annoying to parents or leaving them with disdane when their children ask to watch them on repeat. I truly enjoyed this film with my kiddos and I did not get the feeling that this film would fall into that category. I can see us picking this a family movie night choice.

Enjoy the show!

Cruzin Mama

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