Hour of Code Week

Image courtesy of Code.org

Image courtesy of Code.org

It’s Computer Science Education Week! Let’s get coding!

This week, December 7th to December 13th, is Computer Science Education week. This is a great time to get kids involved in STEM learning and coding. STEM is Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. These are fast growing career fields and are an important part of a well rounded education. *This may also be called STEAM, which is when Arts are included. Arts are none the less important for young learners, but for this week I’m shining the light more on computer science based STEM.*

What is Coding? Well coding is basically the tool to communicate your ideas with a computer or program to bring them to life. Technology is a big part of everyday life now, so learning to code even just having a basic understanding can help in so many ways. And just with anything it’s great to start learning you so you can build and retain the information.

So to celebrate this week lets get coding! Hour of Code is a Global event that is a great introduction to coding and computer science. Check out tutorials and ways to get coding on hourofcode.com From here you can see events and coding happening in your area and all around the World.

Great Sites for kids

Some great sites for kids to learn and explore coding are Code.org and Madewithcode.com.


Code is making coding fun and out of this world with a new Star Wars themed activity. Join the fierce leading ladies of the Star Wars Universe build a galaxy. This game is recomended for children ages 6-106 years. And is accessible on smartphones, tablets and most browsers.

Made with Code

I’ve shared this awesome site before but Made with Code is a great site for all coding learners. There is activities for all levels, resources and information on events and classes in your community. Though the site is geared towards girls there’s no real rule that excludes boys from using it. The reason Made with Code is geared towards girls is because less than 1% of girls study computer science and Made with Code is aiming to change that. It is creating ways for girls to gain interest and take advantage of the growing field.

STEM is much more than just a week long event. The sites above can be visited anytime, the fun and learning can continue even after this week is done. So get to coding!

Cruzin Mama


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