National Girls & Women in Sports Day

National Girls & Women in Sports Day

Run, Hit, Kick, Pitch, Swing, Swim, Score, Fight, Surf, Skate… Like a Girl

Today is National Girls & Women in Sports Day and this year is the 30th annual celebration of Girls & Women in Sports! This is something that is very near and dear to me since sports are such a huge part of my family and especially my own life. I grew up loving all sports, especially soccer. Yet when I was younger women’s prevalence in sports was not what it is today. I played on a coed team since there was no “girls” teams in my area, and even though the team was coed I would end up being the only girl. So naturally the athletes I would look up to then were males. It wasn’t until the Women US Team won the World Cup in 1999 do I really remember shifting my focus towards fellow female athletes.

Now that I have a young daughter it is so amazing to see so many more female athletes out there inspiring young girls and women. The women’s US Soccer team is still out there running it and winning titles. There is also an uprising in more non-traditional sports such as skateboarding with girls being featured and having their own competitions. This is such a wonderful movement not just for little girls but for all children to see that they can pursue their sports dreams.

My own daughter has become my inspiration to get back into sports, whether it’s coaching her soccer team or playing a sport myself. She falls down, stumbles, gets hurt but still continues to get back up. She does what she enjoys and it isn’t about if this is a “boys” sport or activity and that’s just what this day is supposed to inspire. So take it as a complement when someone says you run, kick, hit, or play like a girl because we girls are kicking butt!


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