Dr. Seuss Day!

Today is beloved children’s author Dr. Seuss’ Birthday! Also keeping in line with Seuss’ encouragement of reading it is also Read Across America Day. Many classrooms will be taking part in celebrating by having read-a-thons or having special guests such as local authors come in to read to students. But here are some ways you can participate at home and help encourage the love of reading in children!

Celebrate at home:

  • A hour of reading– unplug, shut off the tv and electronics, silence your phone and just read with your kids for an hour. Have you child practice their reading skills with you by having them read aloud. Share a favorite book with them from your childhood. Time spent together like this will do nothing but benefit your child.
  • Visit the library– many libraries will have events going on like special story times or even a crafting event. Events at the library are fun and free. And while you’re there it’s a chance to check out books.
  • Crafting– so speaking of crafts there are so many crafts that are simple and great to celebrate the day. Pinterest is such a wonderful source for ideas, and there are so many simple ones to choose from if you’re not the fully crafty type like me. Like the plate mask I made in the past with my kiddos.

    Cat in the Hat paper plate mask

  • Character Dress Up– this can be for at home or even for school, as with for my children who’s school was having a Seuss’ themed Character Dress Up Day. You could really do a few different ways with this as you could stick only to Dr Seuss books or do any storybook character. My daughter’s school has done a few different versions of this on Read Across America Day and has had a Whoville dress up day before around the holidays. This year though they went with choosing your favorite Seuss character. I was little nervous about this but it ended up being really simple and fun! We made all the masked/accessories/headbands out of cardstock paper or firm felt. The kids wore solid colors to help with the “costumes” and I personally think they turned out great! There are so many character ideas to be found with a simple google search or my favorite on Pinterest, that it can be really no hassle to do.

    Simple Horton Hears a Who and The Lorax Character Dress Up for Dr. Seuss Day

Celebrate at UCSD

California University of San Diego has a yearly celebration on March 2nd in honor of Theodor Seuss Geisel, known more famously as Dr. Seuss. Theodor Seuss Geisel was a long time resident of La Jolla and even has much of his artwork, manuscript drafts, sketches, books, photographs, memorabilia and more in a Collectionat UCSD as well as a the Geisel Library named in his honor. (The Dr. Seuss Collection is usually only on display around his birthday and during the summer) Come on down to the Geisel Library and celebrate Dr. Seuss 113th Birthday with cake, seussian musical entertainment, an inflatable Cat in the Hat and see part of the Dr. Seuss Collection! For more information on this event visit ucsdnews.ucsd.edu

No matter how you choose to celebrate today it’s a great day to spark a love of reading in your children. Have a very fun seussian day!

Cruzin Mama

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