Dreamworks Adventure to Santa

Dreamworks Adventure to Santa

A visit to Santa during the Holiday season can be a stressful event. Waiting in long lines and only getting a few minutes with Ol’ Saint Nick can be a not so jolly occasion. Well Adventure to Santa is here to change that. Dreamworks Dreamplace is back again this year with the special Adventure to Santa Holiday experience. This is more than just your average visit to the local mall Santa. This is an interactive experience to make the visit a most memorable one.

Adventure to Santa

First off just being at a Dreamworks Dreamplace is already an experience. The outside of the cottage is a changing digital display. Characters from Shrek and Rise of the Guardians make appearances throughout the windows and doors on the display. The cottage also goes through full transformations changing its appearance around every hour. When the blizzard would hit, the cottage would look as if covered in snow. My kids loved when this would occur they wanted to keep watching for when the next snow storm would strike.

Adventure to Santa

Adventure to Santa

To go on an Adventure to Santa you must reserve a time slot and date as well as pick a package online. Packages range from $35 to $75 per family for photos. (You can click here to book your adventure and to find a location). By having visits set up this way it cuts down on wait times so the whole waiting in a long line for hours just for a few minutes with Santa is a thing of the past. When you arrive and get checked in you are given a boarding pass. See Santa isn’t actually there right away when you go in. You and your family must take a special trip to the North Pole to see him. So the first room you enter on your journey is the flight school area. In this area everyone in your group is able to practice their sleigh flying skills.

Adventure to Santa Boarding Pass

Adventure to Santa Flight Room

Adventure to Santa Flight Room

Adventure to Santa Flight training

Next up is your flight aboard a magic sleigh headed to the North Pole! You are joined by Shrek and his friends who help guide your journey. I have to say we all had a blast on this ride. It’s not a full simulator ride like Star Tours at Disneyland but something along those lines. This alone made the experince worth it.

Adventure to Santa Sleigh Ride

Once you arrive at the North Pole you don’t go immediately to Santa just yet. Next up is another interactive room this time it’s cookie making, Gingerbread people to be exact. Then into the next room to meet the jolly man himself. What’s great is that it’s a private room for just you and your family with Santa. It’s so much more personal than the typical mall visit. You have time to take your photos and for the kids to actually talk with him before you are magically transported back to the mall.

Adventure to Santa

Adventure to Santa Dreamworks Dreamplace

After being transported back to the mall it was time to check out our photos. It was hard to chose just one image since all came out so well. There is also some Dreamworks Character merchandise available by exit. Since we attended an opening event for the new Dreamplace at the South Bay Galleria in Redondo Beach there was a lot of Christmas excitement going on. The Eleves from Rise of the Guardians made an appearance!

Adventure to Santa

Adventure to Santa Merchandise

Adventure to Santa Grand Opening

Hope you enjoyed checking out my family’s Adventure to Santa be sure to book your sleigh ride soon before the magic is gone!

Cruzin Mama

Dreamworks Adventure to Santa Grand Opening

Dreamplace Adventure to Santa

California Locations

Victoria Gardens
12505 S Mainstreet
Rancho Cucamonga 91739

South Bay Galleria
1815 Hawthorne Blvd.
Redondo Beach 90278


Monday through Saturday 10am – 9pm
Sunday 11am – 7pm

Admission and Packages

Admission: FREE to travel through but it is highly recommended to have a reservation.

Packages: $35 – $75 package options available, up to 8 guests accommodations on all packages.

Visit www.dreamplaceexperience.com for more information and to book your reservation

Gymboree Dinotrux Special Event

Image courtesy of Gymboree

Image courtesy of Gymboree

Dinotrux are smashing into Gymboree Stores with a new limited edition collection. So to celebrate select Gymboree locations are having a special shopping event. Gymboree’s Dinotrux event is this Saturday September 12th from 10am – 1pm. Come and shop the new collection, test out the Power Revvit toy from Mattel, and enter to win a $100 shopping spree! Your child will also be able to create their own Dinotrux world on the DreamWorks COLOR app. Find a participating store nearest you and reserve your spot at Gymboree Dinotrux event.

Have a smashing time with the Dinotrux!

Cruzin Mama