Star Wars Rebels Season 2 and Celebration Panel (Star Wars Celebration Recap Part 2)

Star Wars Rebels Celebration Panel

Star Wars Rebels Is Back on Disney XD With a Special Season 2 Premier

With San Diego Comic Con in full swing and my wishing I could be there I decided to share my experience and insights of the Star Wars Rebels Panel from Star Wars Celebration Anaheim. I attended both the Celebration Panel and also the exclusive press panel to get some behind the scenes details for the upcoming season.

Star Wars Rebels has become a big success for Disney’s continuation of Lucas Film’s Saga. The show is a hit amount young and mature fans alike. Like the previous Star Wars animation series The Clone Wars, Rebels has given new life to the Saga and a chance for a younger generation to become introduced to the Star Wars franchise.

Star Wars Rebels on Disney XD

Rebels is set between the Episode III: Revenge of the Sith and Episode IV: A New Hope. The shows premise is the focus on a Jedi that discovers his abilities when there is no longer a Jedi Order. On top of that he is also an orphan who is trying to navigate life with the Empire in rule while coming to terms with his Jedi abilities. The young man is Ezra and he soon finds himself in the company of a rag tag group, who are apart of the start of the rebellion against the Empire. The Rebel group consists of Kanan the leader, Hara the ships pilot and co-leader, Zeb the strong arm, Sabine a young and tenacious Mandalorian, and Chopper the precocious droid. Season 1 of the series main focus was on the group accepting Ezra in and of Kanan being a reluctant teacher to the young Jedi. The crew becomes more of a family dynamic but Erza still struggles with his Jedi training and trying to find out what happened to his parents. Rebels seemlessly ties in familiar characters from the original films and a special character comeback from The Clone Wars.

SWCA Rebels Panel

SWCA Rebels Panel

The Celebration Panel was filled with fans of all types. And with the entrance of each Celebrity the cheers grew louder and louder. The excitement was contagious, I have enjoyed watching Rebels with my kids but during the Celebration I became a full fledged fan. All the Voice Actors were all as happy to be there as everyone in attendance. All spoke of their knowledge of Star Wars previous to being apart of Rebel, Freddie Prinze Jr., who voices Kanan, shared his childhood lightsaber battles. While Taylor Gray, voice of Ezra, said he had no knowledge of the franchise prior to Rebels but is now appreciating it and the fans tremendously. As the Actors spoke with the host they mostly answers about their take on the series and how being apart of such an enormous and well loved franchise.

SWCA Rebels Panel

Little details were given about the upcoming season during this panel, but it was revealed that Ahsoka Tano and Captain Rex from The Clones will be part of the second season, a way of tying the two series together. Also to be seen in the new season will be Lord Vader in his full form and showing why he is feared throughout the Galaxy. One ambitious young attendee asked Rebels Producer Dave Filoni how Captain Rex escaped Order 66 and made it out of the Clone Wars series. Dave gave some very vague answers but in the Press Panel did say that this season will reveal a lot of backgrounds for the characters. One the characters whose background will be featured is Kanan. We were informed that more information about his master will be coming.

Another former Master and Padawan making an appearance this season is Anakin (now fully Darth Vader) and Ahsoka. There were hints as to a face off between the two, which will be a must see interaction. My favorite part is that James Earl Jones, Vader himself, will be back as the iconic voice.

SWCA Rebels Press Panel

Like Kanan, there will be much more background given on everyone this season. Along with that characters family’s will be brought up, such as Sabin’es and Ezra’s. So the mystery of Ezra’s family from Season 1 will be featured with possible answers coming.

Star Wars Rebels has really helped bring the franchise to a younger generation. It’s a show that is enjoyable for new and longtime fans alike. Rebels shows the same odd-ball family dynamic that was seen in the original series. I believe that Disney has done a great job with this series and hope that there are many more seasons to come.

May the force be with you!

Cruzin Mama

Star Wars Celebration 2015 *Recap* Part 1

Star Wars Celebration 2015

Happy Star Wars Day!

Since it’s Star Wars Day it’s the perfect day to share all that I can about the recent Star Wars Celebration that was held in Anaheim, California. The Star Wars Celebration is just what it sounds like, a celebration of all things Star Wars. There was costume characters, replica sets, droids, fans, fun and much more. It was truly an amazing experience and I hope that I will be able to attend another Celebration.

Chicken Boba Fett and a Scout Trooper

Tusken Raider becoming friends with a Droid

Even before you head into the Convention Center you are greeted by fans of all ages and in all types of costumes and fan gear. That’s the great thing about Star Wars it’s for everyone!

Scout Trooper on Endor

There was so much to see and do once inside the convention center it’s almost a bit overwhelming at first. For me it was nice to get a few photo ops done and just walk around to see where everything is. The main floor featured vendor booths, replica sets, exhibits of fan art, collectibles, costumes and more. The Celebration is the perfect place to fill all your Star Wars shopping needs. Many companies attend such as; Hasbro, Lego, Toys”R”Us, Build-A-Bear, Jakks Pacific, Hallmark, DK Publishing, Her Universe, and of course there is the Celebration shop with Celebration exclusive merchandise. Almost all the vendors had exclusive items just for the Celebration and some had a different exclusive item each day. Many also had sneak peeks of upcoming products.

Giant Furbacca

Life Size Vader Hot Wheels Car

Jakks Pacific Fall Sneak Peek

Her Universe Celebration Booth

All the set replicas were amazing! They truly made you feel like you stepped into a Star Wars film. Some were just set up as a part of a vendors booth while most were for awesome photo opportunities.

Endor set replica

Hoth Rebel Base

Luke's Landspeeder

R2-D2 and Jawas

Bacta Tank

Millennium Falcon lounge

501st Exhibit Area

This is only a glimpse of what Star Wars Celebration is. I would love to share every detail but for now I am signing off. Keep an eye out for continuing Celebration posts, the next ones will feature an inside look at the Episode VII special exhibit and the panel of the next season of Disney’s Star Wars Rebels.

And as always May the Force be with you!

Cruzin Mama